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Brett Horley Safaris specialises in tailor-made travel, creating itineraries to suit adventurers, honeymooners, luxury-seekers, and nature-lovers. This is where years of experience in African travel, professional guiding, specialist qualifications, and great relationships have merged to conceive a Tour Operator focusing on Adventures on the African Continent.

Having covered an enviable array of safari destinations in Southern and East Africa, Brett has mastered the art of seamless and spectacular travel. Whether you’re a born fisherman destined for the quiet waters of the Okavango Panhandle, a seasoned hiker looking to walk the valleys of the Luangwa River, or a keen photographer searching for the greatest of Kruger’s wildlife epics; Africa awaits and it has just what you are looking for in an adventure.

Let Brett Horley Safaris sew together the perfect itinerary, browse through our variety of destinations, or take a look at some specialised group safaris that may interest birders, self-catering travellers, conservation students, or exclusive groups.

Brett Horley Safaris


Tailor-made Itineraries

Many people are yearning to visit the great continent of Africa, but don’t know where to start, which airports to fly to, what transport to use, which lodges to book, or where to get the best value for money. For most, trusting a seasoned professional is the only way a once in a lifetime African vacation will include exactly the bits you want, while excluding hassle and stress related to travelling in an unknown country.

This is the simplest way to get exactly what you’re looking for in a safari vacation. Given your specific preferences, we can build an itinerary that fits your needs and desires, while taking care of admin duties, such as bookings and payments.

  1. Choose your country/destination;
  2. Select your dates;
  3. Gather your travel buddies;
  4. Assess your budget;
  5. Send us an enquiry including the above information.

Walking Safaris

Walking safaris are the ultimate safari experience. Combining wilderness, sustainability, exercise, adrenalin, and quiet moments of solitude and reflection. Tracking big game on foot is an inherent instinct inside us; we all just need to unleash that instinct. Listening, hearing: An insect tip toeing on grains of sand, a kudu’s alarm bark, or the stomach-rumble of an elephant.

Walking Safaris can involve sleeping around the fire, but do not need to be basic. We typically base these safaris in the Klaserie, the Timbavati and northern Kruger but can be conducted anywhere.

Take a look at our 4-night primitive walking trails in Pafuri and Timbavati.

Brett Horley Safaris


Self-catering Safaris

This package is the perfect option for families, friends and corporates. Quality time, uninhibited by the presence of others, kids can enjoy the experience freely, fireside parties can go on into the night, or meetings and strategic planning sessions can be inspired by the wild surroundings, and invigorating experiences in nature.

A self-catering safari is often the most affordable way to enjoy the wild surroundings in a private environment, and there is of course a private chef or private guide available to add to this laid back experience.

Read more about our self-catering options, favourite campsites and lodges, and why this might suit you.

Group Safari Experiences

Group safari programmes are totally flexible, tailor-made to suit specific interest groups, and guided by Brett with the assistance of subject experts along the way. The programs call on leaders in specific fields of research, conservation, and veterinary science. If you want fun, learning, team building, and conservation experience – if you want to touch ‘safari’ – get in touch, and we can begin building the perfect programme.

This is an experiential safari itinerary. Hands-on and in-depth, it is both educational and a whole lot of adventure and fun. Conservation is the main focus, but this broad subject enables us to cover topics as diverse as hunting, poaching, transfrontier parks, population control, management practices, policies and programmes, tracking, photography, and loads more.

Privately-guided Safaris

This is a style of safari aimed at guests who are looking for an entirely exclusive safari experience in high-end destinations, using a private guide every step of the way.

Tried and tested, well travelled, trusted and rewarded, Brett Horley is a top safari guide with a history of excellent guiding and hosting, trails expertise, and birding; all of which have been officially recognised by South Africa’s most esteemed organisations.

Take a look at what using a private guide entails, and where it will benefit you throughout your safari.

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