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The team at Brett Horley Safaris has been built through friendships and trusted relationships built on years of experience in the field, from childhood explorations in the African soil, to qualifying examinations in professional guiding. A passion for wildlife, adventure, and the natural world was where Brett’s dream to take guests all over the country was born; and now, a team of experts and affiliated partners in the field have come together to create what Brett Horley Safaris is today.



Brett Horley - Founding Director at Brett Horley SafarisBrett Horley, Founding Director

A true conservationist and nature enthusiast, Brett has perfected his skills and knowledge in the natural world, which have grown with him since early childhood. His passion has developed from his barefoot days in the bush to becoming one of the most esteemed professionals in his field.

Brett holds a FGASA Level 3 Qualification with SKS Birding; he was runner-up in the 2014 Safari Guide of the Year competition, and has over 12 years of hands-on experience in all things safari.

He has conducted safari tours throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania, after working as a guide for some of the most well-known safari companies: Singita, Lion Sands Game Reserve, and Letaka Safaris.

Today, Brett Horley Safaris thrives on creating tailored travel itineraries throughout Africa, and facilitating conservation-orientated safaris for in-depth nature study experiences. From hands-on adventure-style itineraries to luxury destination hopping, Brett Horley has applied his years of travel experience to arranging memorable excursions on the African continent.




Rosey Marx - Safari Specialist

Rosey Marx, Safari Specialist

Rosey’s roots are firmly planted on the African continent, beginning with her Grandfather’s life in Kenya, then Mozambique, which is where her father was raised, to her life on the doorstep of South Africa’s Kruger National Park where she expertly designs travel itineraries for Brett Horley Safaris.

Rosey and her husband, Anthony, have conquered overlanding trips from Cape Town to Kenya, while exploring phenomenal regions in a number of African countries: Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe and, of course, South Africa.

Tailor-making itineraries, which sew together some of Southern and East Africa’s most sought after destinations, Rosey draws her knowledge and expertise from her own experience managing 5-Star lodges on Lake Kariba and in the Kruger National Park. It is no wonder Rosey is the perfect fit to the BHS team, and continuously designs some fantastic travel itineraries for our clients.

“Being adventurous means you’re willing to go where you haven’t been before, and do things you haven’t done before, so I love creating adventures for BHS clients, because they’re doing exactly what I love doing! It is desktop travel at it’s best.”



Chloe Cooper - social media

Chloë Cooper, Social Media Marketing

Chloë has converted to life in the Lowveld after growing up in Cape Town and starting a career in copywriting and social media marketing, which brought her to Hoedspruit. What is now a fully-fledged safari lifestyle began with an experimental FGASA Level 1 course, igniting an interest in all things wildlife, and changing her path to one that would involve travelling and writing about Africa’s sensational destinations.

Over the years, Chloë has trundled through most of South Africa and the Kruger Park, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Victoria Falls, Mozambique, Malawi, and next up is Uganda. As a passionate nature-lover and creative writer, Chloë was innately drawn to telling a story on paper, reviewing some of Africa’s iconic and lesser-known safari spots, and reporting on wildlife action from the seat of a game viewer (or a mokoro).

Chloë works on a freelance basis, managing Brett Horley Safaris social media channels, and shares exciting stories on the blog, liaising with Brett and receiving updates from the bush to share on a public platform.


Our Partnerships

Our partners in safari and conservation. These are the people and the organisations we are passionate about working with; whether they offer professional contributions to the running and facilitation of every tailor-made BHS safari, or represent conservation in action. We share an understanding that we can not do what we do without one another, and we strive to work alongside and support the people we believe are making a difference in the way we treat our environment, and the way in which we perfect our safari experience.



Chef en Route, Private Catering

Chef en Route, Private Catering

Chef en Route is Brett Horley Safaris’ chosen private chef, trusted to cook exclusively for guests travelling throughout Africa on a privately catered or self-catering safari. This is one of the most desired and requested ways for family groups, friends, and students to travel and experience a safari, as it provides a tailored experience in the sense of meal times, itinerary structure, and of course, dietary requirements.

Doron Gavronsky, the chef behind Chef en Route, is a friend and esteemed partner who has expert experience travelling Africa and cooking on the road. There is huge pleasure in sitting under the vast skies and enjoying a home-cooked meal in a private environment on an unforgettable safari with friends and family; so it is no surprise our self catering option with a private chef is one of the most popularly booked safari experiences.

“Brett and Doron are a top-notch team. Brett’s travel expertise coupled with Doron’s superb culinary skills created an incredible, high-end travel experience through South Africa. We loved every minute!”  – Mina, USA




Nourish, Community Support & Upliftment

Nourish, Community Support & Upliftment

Brett Horley Safaris is founded on the ethos of ecotourism, and strives to create a partnership with communities through safari. Nourish is an NPO focused on upliftment programs in South Africa’s Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, which provide a home to the Kruger National Park and surrounding private game reserves. These areas are surrounded by traditional villages, which house families and communities of people that benefit from the projects pioneered by Nourish.

As a part of Brett Horley Safaris’ social responsibility, we have developed a relationship with Nourish through which we contribute to the various community projects on the go. Focusing on the support of children in the communities, Nourish has facilitated healthcare and nutrition through education, building of vegetable gardens, clean water supply, the provision of warm meals, planting of trees, and the organisation of donation networks.






Birdlife South Africa

Birdlife SA, Conservation League Member

Brett has achieved an SKS qualification for birding, and has an undeniable passion for all things avian, having conducted incredible birding safaris and participated in annual birding events in South Africa and abroad.

As a Birdlife South Africa Conservation League Member, Brett Horley Safaris contributes directly to the financial support of birdlife conservation. It is a privilege to be affiliated with an organisation that is committed to the research and implementation of projects aimed at protecting South Africa’s birdlife for the greater good of the environment, and the health of the world’s ecological balance.

Conserving birds by protecting their migratory routes, habitats, and breeding opportunities, is a very important task and we are grateful to Birdlife SA for their unending work in the field. We are honoured to be in partnership with the organisation, contributing financially to the training of local bird guides, and working to protect the thousands of bird species crossing and dwelling on the African continent.



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