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“I want to share my passion for the natural world. I believe that an experience in Africa’s greatest wilderness areas has the ability to astonish and inspire, and to enrich and energise the soul. This is where the fire burns inside of all of us, and where we discover some of Mother Nature’s most primordial personalities. The desire for more, and the thrill of the unknown is what keeps bringing us back!”

Brett Horley

Our Company

Brett Horley Safaris (Pty) Ltd is an established ground handler and tour operator creating adventures on the African continent. Living here in Africa, and specialising in safaris, we have over 40 combined years of first-hand, on-the-ground professional guiding and African travel experience in developing authentic bespoke safaris. Whilst providing honest advice about where to travel and when to travel – we know the people and we know the places – we sew together separate elements of the African continent to fit together seamlessly.

As a Professional Guide,  Brett has personally conducted safaris throughout South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, as well as having spent time living and working in both Botswana and Tanzania, and travelling in Uganda.

Rosemary has travelled overland from Cape Town to Kenya, exploring Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zanzibar and Zimbabwe.  Having lived and worked in Zimbabwe and the Kruger National Park, Rosemary’s experience includes general management of 5-star lodges in these renowned regions.

Based on the doorstep of the Kruger National Park, Brett Horley Safaris operates from Hoedspruit, in the heart of the Greater Kruger region.  Our knowledge and expertise comes from our own experience, having lived and worked in various African countries, and being on the ground when travelling through these sought-after destinations.

Brett Horley Safaris

Our Communities

As a company, we strive to make a positive impact through our tourism ventures by contributing to creating economic independence for local communities, ensuring that they benefit from our tourism enterprises.  Our focus is on buffer zone communities – integrating those people living on the boundaries of wildlife reserves. Socio-cultural sustainability involves promoting authentic cultural exchange and preserving local traditions, whilst encouraging community members to see tourism in a positive light – an opportunity to start their own businesses to service tourists, allowing adults to feel a sense of self-respect, pride and ownership through income generation.

From our base in Hoedspruit, Brett Horley Safaris supports the development of youngsters from buffer zone communities to follow careers in conservation, hospitality and tourism.  Through education, these young members of the community can become economically active and environmentally responsible citizens of Africa, eliminating the need to poach, reducing the impact of human encroachment, and understanding the impact of habitat loss on biodiversity.

Our Conservation

Brett Horley Safaris is committed to protecting Africa’s remaining parks and reserves, and to preserving the wilderness habitats that wildlife populations call home, and need in order to survive and thrive.

Rampant wildlife poaching, human encroachment, and habitat loss are the three greatest threats to species survival – when an ecosystem has been dramatically altered or destroyed – usually by human activity – it may no longer be able to provide the fundamentals for species to survive.  The preservation of Africa’s remaining wilderness areas including grasslands, woodlands, jungles and wetlands is crucial to preserve the biodiversity of plant and animal life in each habitat.

Brett Horley Safaris

Our Commitment

Brett Horley Safaris prides itself on taking exceptional care of our clients.  From the  point of entry to the point of departure, we handle every aspect – from personalised meet-and-greet, to road transfers and flights, accommodation, dietary requirements, health issues and medical conditions, special occasions and celebrations, as well as add-on activities and experiences, ensuring that all of the expectations of our clients are met, as well as any needs arising en route.  We assist every step of the way to manage unforeseen issues which may occur.  For family and friends, nature lovers and adventurers, honeymooners and luxury-seekers, Brett Horley Safaris has a memorable itinerary  for each client.

In addition to working with individual clients, Brett Horley Safaris is a ground handling company for international agents and tour operators, who require meticulous ground handling, with attention to every detail.

We are committed to creating adventures on the African continent through responsible and sustainable tourism. With guaranteed financial security for the client’s deposit, we design a bespoke itinerary tailored specifically to the dreams, needs and budget of our clients, whilst giving honest advice, ensuring that the client enjoys an authentic safari experience that exceeds expectations.

Our Custody

As a registered member of the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association – SATSA #2208, Brett Horley Safaris is an owner-run, South African based company you can trust to give you peace of mind.  Our membership testifies that we have a financial guarantee in place to cover monetary deposits lodged with Brett Horley Safaris in advance of services to be rendered.  Your travel deposit is secure.

The SATSA Bond is administered by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited under policy number GR13/40920/671/01. For more information visit the SATSA website.

Our Contribution

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and each step you take with us preserves our African wilderness and wildlife populations.  Through your safari you are contributing directly to the protection of wilderness areas, to anti-poaching efforts, to supporting local communities and most importantly,  to protecting biodiversity in Africa.  Our commitment and contribution can only be achieved if you, our clients, walk this journey with us.

Brett Horley Safaris

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