Walking Safaris

“An early morning chill, we breathe out moisture as we carefully study the imprints in sand…Walking safaris are the ultimate safari experience. Combining wilderness, sustainability, exercise, adrenalin, and quiet moments of solitude and reflection. Tracking big game on foot is an inherent instinct inside us; we all just need to unleash that instinct. Listening, hearing: An insect tip toeing on grains of sand, a kudu’s alarm bark, or the stomach-rumble of an elephant.”

Walking safaris can involve sleeping around the fire, but do not need to be basic. We typically base these safaris in the Klaserie, the Timbavati and northern Kruger but can be conducted anywhere.

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Exclusive Safaris

Increasingly, people are seeking that exclusive experience in Africa, particularly if travelling for a special family occasion where privacy and personalisation is important. Our exclusive safaris incorporate this desire to move at your own pace on safari, choose your own activities and timelines, so that the experience is as relaxed or routined as you’d like. We have a selection of safari lodges, private bush villas, and self-catering family camps that we work with to create the ideal exclusive safari experience, shared with no one but your group.

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Leopard with an Aardvark Kill at Walker’s River Camp

With the words “leopard” and “aardvark” in the same sentence, you know it’s got to be good. In this case, it might have been guests first time seeing an aardvark, or perhaps their first time seeing a leopard, but no one could have betted on finding a leopard feeding on an aardvark kill in a tree! Bittersweet feelings dominated this scene, as we watched nature at work in the most amazing way. This has quickly risen to the top of the safari list at Walker’s River Camp in the Timbavati.

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Nature Conservation Safari Experiences

Brett Horley Safaris is synonymous with ecotourism and conservation, and offers guided, interactive group safari experiences that fully involve participants in nature. This is where we learn to identify animal tracks and scat; how to recognise bird calls; how to find your way in the bush; find constellations in the night sky; and make fires without matches! Through these excursions into the wild, you will learn that termites run the world, and that sleeping out under the stars can be the best sleep or the worst sleep you’ll ever have. It is definitely an awakening experience for the adventurous nature-lovers out there.

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VIDEO: Brave Dwarf Mongoose Takes on a Black Mamba

The sighting of the year so far has to be this incredible encounter between a dwarf mongoose and a black mamba, which just goes to show that the most exciting safari sightings are not necessary the ones that involve the Big 5! Watch this one-of-a-kind video here…

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What is a Walking Safari?

Walking in the bush is an activity most people immediately consider to be dangerous and risky, about charging lions, ferocious elephants, and spitting cobras.

Well, it really is not about that at all. A walking safari is a unique wildlife experience, and once you take the plunge, we’re willing to bet you are sold for life on bush and nature walks!

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A Walk on the Wild Side: Walking Safari in the Kruger

We rise with the birds, when the first orange segment of the sun peeps over the horizon, and dew drops shimmer on quivering spider webs. Our feet are the first on the ground, adding rubber-soled imprints to the network of heart-shaped impala tracks, and the careful tread of the leopard. Our eyes scan the bush for signs of life, while the chirping melody of the morning is sung all around us. The smell of wild sage permeates the air as khaki-clad limbs brush against its leaves, and the fresh scent of elephant dung reminds us that we are in Africa’s wild territory. This is a walking safari in the great Kruger National Park.

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A Luxury Safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Botswana’s Okavango Delta: Africa’s Eden, an inland paradise, an oasis in the middle of the Kalahari sand. Birds everywhere, fantastic game viewing in some of Africa’s finest wilderness areas. Unspoilt, untouched and supremely protected. Botswana has got to be on everyone’s safari bucket list.

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