From adventurous camping excursions under rugged skies, to indulgent poolside lounging with 5-Star service, family-orientated fun, or romantic tailor-made holidays to remember for a lifetime; a Brett Horley safari experience is designed to suit a variety of destination dreams. Take a look at which option might best suit your idea of an African adventure, or get in touch and design your unique journey.

  • Family Safaris

    Family Safaris

    Discovering the many thrills of an African adventure with children and loved ones in tow has the potential to transform the experience into memories that bind you together forever. We work with parents who want to take their children to safe, stimulating safari destinations that will give them an introduction to the wild world, and families planning the lifelong dream of taking a trip to Africa together

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  • Walking Safaris

    Walking Safaris

    A walking safari is the ultimate safari experience, combining wilderness, sustainability, exercise, adrenalin and quiet moments of solitude and reflection. A safari on foot is an experience beyond a game drive, where the comforting confines of a vehicle dull your finer-tuned senses and eliminate a host of details too small to see from your seat. To walk in the untamed bush is to see your surroundings in a multi-dimensional form, where all your human senses play a part in your safari experience. This is about tracking, birding, discovering, admiring, and remembering the bush in its entirety.

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  • Exclusive Safaris

    Exclusive Safaris

    Increasingly, people are seeking that exclusive experience in Africa, particularly if travelling for a special family occasion where privacy and personalisation is important. Our exclusive safaris incorporate this desire to move at your own pace on safari, choose your own activities and timelines, so that the experience is as relaxed or routined as you’d like. We have a selection of safari lodges, private bush villas, and self-catering family camps that we work with to create the ideal exclusive safari experience, shared with no one but your group.

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  • Honeymoon Safaris

    Honeymoon Safaris

    Africa is one of the most historically romantic destinations for adventurous spirits who found the endless plains, long grass, and harsh beauty of the savannah irresistible. The old days when paraffin lanterns lit the writing desks inside ivory coloured canvas tents and postcards were written describing the raw and unfiltered impact Africa had on the soul. These primitive safari scenes are recreated today to elicit exactly that feeling of remote seclusion, romance, and solitude. African islands and Indian Ocean coastal destinations offer some of the most rejuvenating and relaxing spots for Honeymooners and knit perfectly together for a “beach and bush” combination journey.

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  • Safari Ideas

    Safari Ideas

    If you’re looking for a tailor-made safari and don’t know where to start, try taking a browse through our sample itineraries, group safari experiences, and scheduled overland journeys. There are itineraries to suit a special occasion like a honeymoon or birthday, and there are trips ideal for families travelling with kids. We’ve designed authentic journeys that answer all the questions about where to go and what to see in Southern and East Africa, and who knows, maybe one of these will be just right for you!

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